Can I apply Van der Waal or have to resort to a professional?

Could (and should) be you. In addition to the product installation is extremely easy, it comes with a manual of clear instructions to ensure successful implementation, even if you are not professional. You can check here how to apply.

It works on any kind of board?

We tested the product in 2 kinds of surfboards, fiber or epoxy and it works great on both of them.

The product spoils the board or mark it in some way?

No. We guarantee that our product does not damage the boards in any way.

It is easy to remove?

Yes, although we believe that you will never want to remove the product from the board, we ensure that the product is as easy to remove as apply. You can check here this video on How to remove Van der Waal.

I can use as a deck?

Yes, but we do not recommend using the product as a deck to surfers who do many manoeuvres

Where I can buy?

You can buy securely on this site or, if you prefer, check some of our partners here.

Can I withdraw the product from my board and put in a new board?

No you can not. Once you remove the product from your board it will lose the glue in it.

It is more ecological than the wax?

Yes. Most wax bars use oil and are not biodegradable. Our product can be recycled together with the plastics. Furthermore, the use of Van der Waal is much less intensive, since an application lasts approximately the lifetime of a board.

Where it's made?

Van der Waal is a Portuguese brand created by Martim and Afonso. You can know more about us here

And if I don't like it?

No problem. Check our return policy here.

Van der... WHAT?

Our name is inspired by van der Waals’ forces (or van der Waals’ interaction), named after Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals, which describes the residual attractive or repulsive forces between molecules or atomic groups. To sum up, geckos can stick to walls and ceilings because of van der Waals’ forces.