from the first pop up to the last tube,
from the first lesson to the last session,
from glassy waves to flat oceans,
surf is made of moments.

moments analysing forecasts, swells, gear, spots.
moments of effort as moments of recovery,
moments of fear as moments of bravery,
moments of share as moments of pure egoism,
moments of joy as moments of frustration

surf is made of very deep and special moments.
and as surfers we are all made of those moments.

for Van der Waal there is a magical moment,
a moment that is a result of all those little moments.
an almost imperceptible moment, that will drive you to all next big ones

for van der waal the moment your feet hit the board
and make the connection between you, your body, and your wave
is a magical moment.

at van der waal we are driven
by the belief that we can share that moment with you.
We want to make part of it,
allowing you to fully enjoy that magical moment.

but, As you trying that manoeuvre you want to achieve,
we will fail. Over and over again.

But for every nice wave you catch
for every surf session you end with a smile on your face
for every moment, whatever it is, we can share with you,
we will feel overwhelmed.

We truly believe that
changing the standards of surf industry
by trying to develop alternatives to those standards
will allow us to join you in that moment.

Here, we call that moment 'waal'.
you, as long you're having fun and a huge smile on your face,
can call it whatever you want.