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“No more melting issues in a hot car, dramas with hire care upholstery, headrests, etc. No more nasty nasty on the sleeve of your fave Pharcyde hoodie, no more waxing the underside of the surfboard stacked above or below, referred to in the age of political incorrectness as the ‘Irish’ or ‘Chinese’ wax job.”

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Bonus points now that you can also confidently leave your board in the car without coming back to a runny pool of wax in the footwell of your passenger seat.

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The folks at Van der Waal like to keep things simple and I’ll do you the same courtesy, their design and their concept works

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It’ll be interesting to see how the grip lasts over time, but if it continues to perform well, then Van der Waal may have cracked the market for those looking for an alternative to waxing up.

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Now to the most important question – does the grip work? Yes, it does. (…) When it gets wet the grip improves and when I stood up and rode a few waves I could not feel any difference in grip between Van der Waal stickers and regular wax

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“C’est le premier point important. Des waxs il y en a plein : la Terra Wax, la Sex Wax, la Green Fix, la Matunas, etc etc… Van Der Waal Surf Grip a décidé d’oublier la wax « classique » qui a ses défauts c’est clair : fond au soleil, noirci, s’enlève rapidement, accroche mal, demande de l’entretien comme le bon vieux dewaxage par exemple, etc etc (tout dépend des marques bien sûr, certaines wax sont très correctes, d’autres un peu moins, c’est un autre débat 😉 ).”

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Chama-se Van der Waal e procura ser a alternativa ao wax. Trata-se de uma clara alternativa antiderrapante ao wax (cera), fácil de instalar e quase sem manutenção. 

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Van der Waal acabou por nascer de uma simples necessidade de Martim. “Ele tinha comprado uma prancha nova e falou-me desta ideia antiga de arranjar uma qualquer coisa que não sujasse a prancha toda com o wax”, revela o parceiro, Afonso. 

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Foi numa conversa dentro de água, à espera das ondas, que soube da solução Van Der Waal. A composição do wax tem na sua essência o petróleo. Ora, se pensarmos nesta produção e na quantidade de wax que gastamos ao longo do ano, não é sustentável nem amiga do ambiente. 

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En el último año parece que la moda es dejar de usar cera/parafina/wax en la tabla de surf. Hemos visto el regreso de los grips dobles, muy populares a finales de los ochenta, y la aparición de varios productos que llegan para sustituir a la parafina.

The idea of finding an alternative to wax for our more than 200 rental surfboards, was not so much a desire but a necessity, the constant maintenance that it requires satisfying our customers, multiplied by 200, consumes us a lot of time and energy.

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This is a review of an alternative to surf wax. It’s called Van der Waal surf grip. This is a review of version 1.0, they have since released version 2.0 and I will be posting a follow up review later in the season on that too and how this stuff will hold up in the long run.

How a story with broken surfboard evolved into a business

Van der Waal Surfgrip founder Martim Dornellas- he’d rather be surfing 😉