Van der Waal Surf Session

To celebrate one year since our first online sale, we gather with friends in a surf session to catch some waves and test Van der Waal, with some beers and wine in the ending. Was a great day and we couldn't ask for more.
Me and Afonso could not be prouder about this past year. There have been a lot of people who have helped us on this journey and we will always have a huge feeling of gratitude for everyone. So, to all who bought Van der Waal, to those who wrote articles about us, to those who sent us constructive feedback and helped us to improve, for the ones who introduced us to people who took Van der Waal further, and especially to you, we can only say 'MUITO OBRIGADO' and assure that last Saturday we toasted to all of you, several times ;)


Martim Dornellas