SurfBunker Article - Top 3 Products

We say this a lot of times, but it's only because it's true: we don't know why or how, but there were always, since the beginning, a lot of people helping us to grow and move forward.

This week, once again, that happened. Surfbunker guys decided that from the top three reviewed products of 2017, Van der Waal received gold (and a scarf ;)). Now, earlier this year we were amazed and proud when they decided to review or product. Twice! Afonso and I are just two normal guys, entirely apart from the surf industry, that started this adventure with nothing more than an idea and a plan (if you can call a plan to a scrawled napkin) of how to do it.

We are completely astonished by this, and amazed, and happy, and proud. I have a smile on my face since I have read the article and a feeling of overwhelming joy. Too much? Probably. It's not the first time that someone writes about us. But the truth is that when you are working hard for something and suddenly you get an email with the link for an article that starts with 'What we do like to celebrate is a genuine new thought of product or service that will better or enrich a surfer's life.' and ends with 'Gold award', side by side with NeedEssencials or Revolwe, you feel that you are doing it right. 

And most important, is that when something like this happens, you feel (at least, we do) grateful for having so many cool people who believe in what you believe, that expecting nothing are helping you to grow.

A big thank you to James & all Surfbunker team! 

Cheers and good waves


Foto from Surfbunker

Martim Dornellas