Time to improve

Since day 1 that research has always been, for me and for Afonso, exciting, fun and meaningful. Before Van der Waal born as a brand or a product was only a vague idea of what could be a solution to my new surfboard. And even then we were already testing materials at my house kitchen, wetting the floor with a mop.

Over a year, we have done many experiments, many tests on shapes and materials. Some tests were rudimentary, others more technical. Some were successful and others were not. But in all experiences, we learned something and, above all, we had great fun.

Now we feel that it is time to stop our sales and focus on making new tests, new research, new experiments. We still do not know what will come out of that, but if we enjoy as much as we did in the past and if we learn half of what we've learned so far,  it will worth it.

See you soon and catch some wonderful waves!
Because I am sure that between annoying Afonso, experiments and tests and reports, I will!


Martim Dornellas