Welcome to Van der Waal

Thank you so so so much for your purchase. We couldn’t be more proud of having you on our team.

applying surf traction pads

First sessions

Starting with Van der Waal

Please note that as a thinner and lighter material, all hexagons must be properly placed and pressed in order to get stick to the board for a long time.

Give some time in order for you and van der waal to get used to each other. Because, the same way you need to allow your feet to get familiar with the new material, you also have to give van der waal time. So be patient, mainly on the first dates, van der waal needs some time to absorb water to acquire its rubbery texture for better traction (usually after the first 20 minutes on the water).

In case of a surf trip (lucky you) please be aware that airplanes cargo hold suffer a lot from different temperatures and that may change van der waal properties temporary. We advice to give a warm shower once you arrive to your surf destination and back home.

And of course, it’s important for you to know how to preserve van der waal properties:
Although gives much less work than the wax, in order to keep the van der wall superior grip, consider clean your board with fresh water from time to time, to clear the salt that can accumulate in the gaps

Have fun! Remember phill edwards: ‘the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun’

How to apply

  1. Without peeling off the pieces, arrange them on the board with the pattern that best serves your surf.
  2. Using the board stringer as a guide, peel off 1 hexagon and apply it to the center of your board.
  3. Using the guide piece that comes in the box, start to apply the remaining hexagons along with the surfboard as the design that you set before

And thank you again, it's wonderfull to imagine that you could be ridding your dream wave with Van der Waal under your feet.

Stay salty!