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You probably have a deep and lasting relationship with surf wax and probably have questions about Van der Waal. So check our support page and feel free to contact us if you still have doubts.

der Waal

Van der Waal it’s extremely easy to apply. Depite the pack comes with a manual of clear instructions to ensure successful implementation, even if you are not professional, you can check this guide from our partners from FreezePro Shop on How to apply, or check our guide bellow.

How to apply van der waal step 1

Step 1

Without peel off the pieces, arrange them on the board with the pattern that best serve your surf.

how to apply van der waal

Step 2

Using the board stringer as a guide, peel off 1 hexagon and apply it on the center of your board

support van der waal

Step 3

Using the guide piece that comes in the box, start to apply the remaining hexagons along the surfboard as the design that you set before

How to

If by any chance you don’t like to surf with Van der Waal, you can always remove your hexes as easily as you had apply them. Just lift a corner and pull them carefully.

And if you bought it on our webstore you can always ask for a free refund.



Van der Waal it’s a clear non-skid alternative to surf wax, easy to install and that requires almost no maintenance.

After changing the standards of surf industry by developing an alternative to surf wax, in its third reincarnation, the re.Volution surf grip from Van Der Waal has been redesigned, re-formulated and seriously improved. We proudly present a new version of our grip. A lighter, clearer, greener and softer version of Van der Waal grip it’s here and available for purchase.


Frequently Asked Questions

Could (and should) be you. In addition to the product installation is extremely easy, it comes with a manual of clear instructions to ensure successful implementation, even if you are not professional.

We tested the product in 2 kinds of surfboards, fiber or epoxy and it works great on both of them. Our latest tests and feedback reported that it also works on hard foam boards.

No. As long as you apply it and remove it carefully, we guarantee that our product does not damage the boards.

Yes, although we believe that you will never want to remove the product from the board, we ensure that the product is as easy to remove as apply.

Yes, but we do not recommend using the product as a tail pad to surfers who do many manoeuvres

You can buy securely on this site or, if you prefer, check some of our partners.

No you can not. Once you remove the product from your board it will lose the glue in it.

Yes you can! Van der Waal it’s flexible enough to adapt to all your board bumps 😉

Most wax bars use oil and are not biodegradable. Furthermore, the use of Van der Waal is much less intensive, since an application lasts approximately the lifetime of a board.

Van der Waal is a 100% Portuguese brand created by Martim and Afonso. You can know more about us here

No problem. Check our return policy here.

Our name is inspired by van der Waals’ forces (or van der Waals’ interaction), named after Dutch scientist Johannes Diderik van der Waals, which describes the residual attractive or repulsive forces between molecules or atomic groups. To sum up, geckos can stick to walls and ceilings because of van der Waals’ forces.

Build your surf grip pack

Build your own
pack of
Van der Waal

All surfboards are different. And every surfer needs the grip differently.
So now you can create your own Van der Waal pack, to fully adapt to your type of surf.
In 3 simple steps, calculate how many hexagons you need, and we’ll take care of your order.