Since day one, our goal has been to develop a transparent surf wax alternative that allows our surfboard's design to shine while providing high levels of grip.

All the way
(2023 Ethos)

Life, as surf, is full of risks, which carry both benefits and drawbacks. Every day we make decisions, whether logical (glassy waves, decent-sized) or ill-considered (way bigger than we can surf, messy winds and currents, surfing with an inappropriate surfboard, just to name a few). Half the time, we make the right choice, but in the other half, we risk a lot of what matters to us most. But, as the poem says, most of the time the rewards outweigh the consequences. As surfers, we are willing to suffer physical pain, a sense of confinement, and humiliation in order to experience a state of bliss while having the magical feeling of ridding ‘that’ wave.


(2022 Ethos)

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