Despite the pack comes with a manual of clear instructions to ensure successful implementation, even if you are not professional, you can check this simple video on How to apply, or check our guide below.

  • how to apply hexagons

    Step 1

    Without peeling of the hexagons, place them over your surfboard to define the pattern and area to cover.

  • set up surf grip

    Step 2

    Using the board stringer as a guide, peel off 1 hexagon and apply it to the center of your board

  • never wax again

    Step 3

    Using the guide piece that comes in the box, start to apply the remaining hexagons along with the surfboard as the design that you set before

  • Keep it clean

    Consider clean your board with fresh water from time to time, to clear the salt that can accumulate in the gaps.

  • Surf trips

    After a flight we trully advise you to also give Van der Waal a warm shower, because of airplane cargo hold lower temperatures.

  • Flat days

    If there is no surf for a long time (unlucky you) give a warm shower before surfing or be a little more patience in the water


If by any chance you don’t like to surf with Van der Waal, you can always remove your hexes as easily as you had apply them. Just lift a corner and pull them carefully.And if you bought it on our webstore you can always ask for a free refund.

You probably have a deep and lasting relationship with surf wax and probably have questions about Van der Waal. 


It will damage or spoil my surfboard?

No. As long as you apply and remove the hexagons carefully, it will not damage your board at all. Some minor glue residues may stay on your board after remove them but are easily cleaned with a rag soaked alcohol.

Does it works on any kind of surfboard?

We tested our grips in epoxy, fiberglass and wood surfboards and it works in all.Despite we never tried out, some clients use it on hard top soft boards (like MF our Beater ones).

Can i use it without a wetsuit or rashguard?

I (Martim) only tested it without rashguard in hot summer days and for some short sessions, and it was ok. As wax also rubs my skin, I always use a rashguard.

How long it will last?

So far, we have tested intensely on Martim surfboards and we can assure that Van der Waal will last at least for 2 years if you surf 2 to 3 times a week.

It works in any water temperatures?

Yes. But please note that on really cold waters (near zero temp) Van der Waal material will get really stiff and can loose some gip properties.