Longboard Surf Grip Pack

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Surf grip for those cool longboards. An alternative to surf wax, transparent traction pads that are easy to install, require almost no maintenance and will last for up to 2 years on your longboard. A next-generation surf grip that doesn’t melt or stain.

We have all been there… Melted wax on your car, surf bag or clothes. A surfboard full of dirty old brown wax, mixed with sand, hair, and other debris. …or that time that waves were pumpin’ in a spot, and wax is over.

Van Der Waal surf grip it's a cleaner, greener alternative to surf wax that is low maintenance and long-lasting.

  • Doesn’t get sticky or dirty
  • Doesn’t gather sand, hair or other debris
  • Doesn’t stain
  • Transparent. Your surfboard will look great
  • More eco-friendly than wax
  • High grip
  • It lasts much longer than wax (will last for at least 2 years if you surf 2 or 3 times a week)
  • Wetsuit & Skin Friendly
  • Temperature Independent
  • Super easy to apply and remove
  • Lightweight (3gr / hexagon)

Van der Waal it’s extremely easy to apply. Despite the pack comes with a manual of clear instructions to ensure successful implementation, even if you are not professional.

Check our guide below.

  1. —STEP 1
    Without peeling off the pieces, arrange them on the board with the pattern that best serves your surf.
  2. —STEP 2
    Using the board stringer as a guide, peel off 1 hexagon and apply it to the center of your board
  3. —STEP 3
    Using the guide piece that comes in the box, start to apply the remaining hexagons along with the surfboard as the design that you set before
Tech data
  • Weight: 3gr (0.17 oz)
  • Dimensions: 111.7 x 97.9 mm (4.3 inches x 3.8 inches)
  • Thickness: 1 mm (0.039 inch)
  • Material: transparent anti slip texture

Inside the box

  • All hexagons you ordered
  • Guide piece: to guide you in installation. This guide piece creates a 10mm (0.39 inch) gap between hexagons for water drainage
  • Instructions: on how to apply

Shipping times

  • Please allow us 2 business days to prepare your order.
  • Once your order is shipped you will get a confirmation e-mail with a tracking code.

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The lighter, thinner and softer version of our surf grip.

Surf grip. Redefined.

Driven by our customers’ feedback on our surf grip and by our aim to produce a more eco-friendly alternative to surf wax, we started to research and test new materials. We needed a softer material, lighter and thinner, with high grip levels.

After a lot of research and tests, we are really excited to announce that a new version of Van der Waal is now ready for production.

Ready to go waxless?

A clean board = a cleaner ocean

A board without wax means a board that is not melting oil to the ocean. So your board will not only be the coolest one, it will also be the greener one

It will last for ages

Once you apply it, you’re ready to surf for at least two entire years with almost no maintenance at all

No more melting wax

Because it doesn’t melt in the sun, it won’t stain other surfaces it comes in contact with, such as your surfboard bag, your car or your clothes

Your surfboard will shine

Doesn’t get sticky or dirty, weither gather sand, hair, or other debris, so your board is always clean

Temperature independent

No matter whether you are surfing in cold or hot water, the traction van der waal is indifferent to the temperature of the water or the environment.

Don’t waste more time

Just grab your surfboard and go surf. No more applying, scratching, re-applying, that old brown wax.

Never wax your surfboard again
Surf grip. Simplified
Never wax your surfboard again
Surf grip. Simplified
Never wax your surfboard again
Surf grip. Simplified

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have a deep and lasting relationship with surf wax and probably have questions about Van der Waal.

It will damage my surfboard?

No. As long as you apply and remove the hexagons carefully, it will not damage your board at all. Some minor glue residues may stay on your board after remove them but are easily cleaned with a rag soaked alcohol.

Does it works on any kind of surfboard?

We tested our grips in epoxy, fiberglass and wood surfboards and it works in all.
Despite we never tried out, some clients use it on hard top soft boards (like MF our Beater ones).

Can I use it without a wetsuit or rashguard?

I only tested it without rashguard in hot summer days and for some short sessions, and it was ok. As wax also rubs my skin, I always use a rashguard.

How long it will last?

Probably, longer than your surf board. So far, we have tested intensely on Martim surfboards and we can assure that Van der Waal will last at least for 2 years if you surf 2 to 3 times a week. But Martim has his first board with Van der Waal for more than 6 years now, and it still works.

It works on any water temperature?

Yes. But please note that on really cold waters (near zero temp) Van der Waal material will get really stiff and can loose some gip properties.

How do I apply them?

Van der Waal surf grips are extremely easy to apply, just follow the guide here

And the maintainence?

Consider clean your board with fresh water from time to time, to clear the salt that can accumulate in the gaps.
If there is no surf for a long time (unlucky you) give a warm shower before surfing or be a little more patience in the water
After a fligh we trully advise you to also give Van der Waal a warm shower, because of airplane cargo hold lower temperatures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
john r.
I feel that these keep me on the board

I applied these to a Catch Surf brand foam board and the adhesive is holding up. As a relatively new surfee, Ive never used wax so i cant make a comparison, but i feel that these keep me on the board alittle better. I would have preferred that the placement tool be plastic, as the paper is flexible and requires alot more concentration to make sure it remains aligned; not a big deal, i just dont see why not even if it had to cost a dollar more. Shipping to the united states from this company was under two weeks.

Marcello T.
The latest incarnation

This is for v3 of the stickers, the latest incarnation. TLDR; Unless you really have a problem with wax, stick with it. I kept mine on because I am not as good of a surfer so I am ok with the tradeoff THE GOOD: - it mostly works - it does not ruin the wetsuit - it does make your board look good - they give half stickers if you ask for them (you should) THE BAD - it’s expensive - traction is not as good as wax, not even after a couple of sessions. The worst part is not actually slipping (that happened to me only at the beginning) but stay in position on the board, I can say I missed a bunch of waves due to that - with a longboard package I couldn’t even cover my 8’6 to the nose, so prepare to get something like 120 stickers for a 9' THE UGLY - the application process will trigger any of your OCD; however good you try to place them down they won’t be perfectly symmetrical; trust the process to the end and make adjustments on a per need basis - I had blisters on my hands after applying the stickers, so be warned - two (2) sessions in and one of the half stickers was peeling off at a corner, surprisingly is still there so might be just a problem of that sticker - stickers do not attach well on sun cure like ding repair resin THE UNEXPECTED Once I removed the wax from the board I noticed a bunch of micro cracks in the glass (caused by pressure maybe?). Either way, the stickers effectively work as reinforcement so it gives me some piece of mind

Jeff S.
I love the traction.

I love the traction. I come to realize that some of the modern waxes out there actually have too much grip and can result in making it difficult to move your feet on the board or making it catchy when popping up. This traction gives me nice hold without catchiness.

June A.
The grip has worked really well so far

Overall, I have enjoyed the Van der Waal grips! Shipping was prompt. The installation of the grip took some time but was straightforward and simple. And I've taken my surfboard out a few times and the grip has worked really well so far. Thank you!

Luke H.
Definitely worth it in the end

The cleaning of my board and installation took a bit more time than anticipated, but definitely worth it in the end. I only get to surf about once or twice a year, so this product works great for me as I don’t need to reapply wax each time I can just get straight in the sea. I recommend taking the time to set out the tiles before applying any to the board, and keep some spare and practise lying on the board and standing up to feel when your feet and hands go and using the spare tiles in those areas if not already covered. As it says in the instructions it took about 10-20 minutes before the grip was really felt, but it never felt like there was no grip to start. Unless you are really careful I wouldn’t worry too much about the placement of each tile being perfect, I did find my pattern started to go off a little but in the end it doesn’t really matter. Great product! Perfect for people who aren’t the best at wax application or don’t get to time to surf regularly!