Thank you so so so much

Van der Waal is not made just by Martim and Afonso and Eduardo and Poncha. There are a lot of people beyond us without whom would not be possible to launch this project. For their enthusiasm, patience and support in all situations a thank you as big as Afonso’s smile!

For their support

— Eduardo Matos
For all the help in turning Van der Waal into a real business, without loosing our core values. 2019 was only possible to surpass thanks to Eduardo help and guidance.

— Joana Guerreiro
For all the support since the day 1. For all the smiles, and goodwill that you bring to Van der Waal. And, of course, for all the retail sales. It’s hard to pay you back in wine, cause you drink a lot… but worth it!

— Miguel Banhudo
The best designer we could have by our side, and the best guy to share waves with. The wave that he did on our logo (between the AAs) is the face of perfection that we try to achieve everyday. Plus: one day Martim will win the heat!

— João Dornellas
The most picky guy in the world is João, Martim’s brother. He is quite anoying, but he’s also one of the most genius and creative minds we know. And drink beer like a fish drinks water!

— Adriana Sabido
For all the help at our social media channels

— Tim Lüneburg
A partnership that has never gone forward, but to whom we owe much of what we learn

— Rui Costa
In a single day, he showed Van der Waal to almost every ‘shark’ of Portugal surf industry.

— Jorge Rebelo
Our first partnership with a online store was born in a conversation between Martim and Jorge

— Lenda Carlos
Much more than a customer or a Waaler. We never met him but we always felt that it’s thanks to him that we sold so much in Spain.

— Nic & Ceil & James
From Surfbunker, who believed in us and did reviews that made us so so proud.

— Diogo Mota
Diogo made us realize that Van der Waal also worked in more radical maneuvers. But what we really have to thank him is his patience when he goes to surf with Martim. And his videos. And fotos. And feedback. And sympathy. And the list goes on and on…

— Mark Freeze
For all the talks and learnings. For helping us to grow on a way we believe. And for the smile that all Freeze Pro Shop orders puts on Joana’s face.

— Iko Teixeira
Being able to give a Van der Waal pack to King Kelly (Slater) made us (literally) speechless. Iko was responsible for that. And then the whole help he always gave us and the strength and the opportunities. We will never be able to pay him everything he have done for us.

— Tom Keyes
Suddenly we were at The Inertia and we did not know how. It was a dream come true and Tom was responsible for it.

— Nuno Ferreira
For all the help on the website

— Elvio aka Slowburner
For the song for our 2023 All the way movie.

— Djali and Rita Aguiar and all Bluepepper team
For all your patience every day.

— João Gonçalo, Magda Gomes, Luis Zagallo
The first Waalers. Their enthusiasm was fundamental.

— Friends and family
Rita Silva, Margarida, Mónica Silva, João, mães, pais, Zizi, António e Maria, Leonor V.

For the IndieGogo campaing help

Ana Silvestre
Rita Aguiar
Mendo Dornellas
João Dornellas
Johny Mary
Rita Teixeira
Nuno Ferreira
Nuno Matos
Piuska e Francisco
Miguel Banhudo
Joana e Francisco
Maria Joao Vicente dos Reis
Ana Duarte Pereira
Djali Campos