longboard traction pads

No wax surf traction pads

A crystal clear
alternative to surf wax

Why should we worry about regularly maintaining our boards, adding top layers of wax before every session, using different waxes for different temperatures, finding melted wax sticking everywhere, and polluting our oceans just to enjoy our passion for surfing?

We believe we shouldn’t.

surfboard with alternative to surf wax

Your surf deserves more

Surf Grip.

Van Der Waal is a crystal-clear surfboard traction pad that doesn’t melt, doesn’t stain, and doesn’t get sticky or dirty so your surfboard design will always shine. You will never find again melted wax on your car, surf bag, or clothes.Apply it once and you will be ready to surf for almost 2 years with almost no maintenance, making our surf grip pads an eco-friendly alternative to surf wax.

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Your ocean
 deserves more.

Most of the average surf waxes are derived from bi-products from the crude oil and petroleum industry. This means they contain chemicals such as paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, microcrystalline wax, vistanex as well as synthetic glues, resins, dyes, and fragrances. Not to count with the CO2 emissions on transportation caused by fast-moving consumer goods.

Imagine all the wax bars you ever used, melting into the ocean. Now multiply that by the number of surfers around the world.

The surf wax problem

Surf Wax Cost Calculator

Beyond the pollution it causes plus the mess of melting and grab all debris around it, calculate here how much money you spend, in surf wax, per year.