The lighter, thinner & softer version
of our surf grip

Driven by our customers’ feedback on our surf grip and by our aim to produce a more eco-friendly alternative to surf wax, we started to research new materials. After a lot of tests, we achieved a softer material, lighter and thinner, with high grip levels. We called our new surf traction pads version r.Evolution Series


With a weight of only 3 grams per hexagon, r.Evolution Series is lighter than wax


The new texture allowed us to develop the thinner version of Van der Waal: less than 1mm thick.


A softer material that it will not cause any kind of damage to your wetsuit

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surfboard traction pads

Our surf deserves more

Why should we worry about regularly maintaining our boards, adding top layers of wax before every session, using different waxes for different water temperatures, finding meltedwax stickingeverywhere, and polluting our oceans just to enjoy our passion for surfing?

We believe we shouldn’t.

r.Evolution series

A surf grip for the environmentally conscious. Because a surfboard without wax means a board that is not melting oil (and other components) into the ocean, a surfboard without wax means less CO2 on transportation caused by fast-moving consumer goods.

So your board will not only be the coolest one, it will also be the greenest one.

No wax


Apply once. Surf forever.

Say goodbye to the hassle of constantly applying, scratching, and re-applying that old brown wax.

Van der Waal grip is built for (and in collaboration with) surfers who rip on the same board for a long time. Because once you apply it, you’re ready to surf for at least two entire years with almost no maintenance at all. And no matter whether you are surfing in cold or hot water, Van der Waal traction is almost indifferent to the water or the environment temperature.

Just grab your surfboard and go surf.

A letter from our founder

Van der Waal idea is as simple as it’s grippy, less time maintaining your surf gear, more time to surf. We have all been there: your friends in the water firing and you still scratching old brown wax, end your surf session with a surfboard full of sand and hairs and debris, or that time that you go for a beer after a surf session to find later wax running all over car seats. Or just that time when waves were pumping and you find that wax is over.

Van der Waal surf grip started as a personal solution for my issue - I didn’t want to cover my surfboard design with wax, but thanks to many people our surf grip improved over time and became a product. And despite being a company now, I still run it from my house, doing experiments in my kitchen and taking care of almost every aspect of it. That’s why sometimes I forget to answer some emails, or if waves hit Lisbon coast probably your order will only be shipped in the afternoon as I will be surfing for the morning.

I truly hope that you find joy surfing, with or without Van der Waal, but I keep a big smile imagining someone surfing the wave of their dreams with Van der Waal under their feet.

Stay Salty

Martim - Co-founder and Partner