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Van der Waal

Shortboard Surf Grip Pack

Shortboard Surf Grip Pack

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Size Guide

21 hexagons pack will cover really shortboards (up to 5') or just a area around 30% on most common shortboards (from 5' up to 6' tall).

25 hexagons are ideal to cover the most common area when waxing, while using a tail pad, for board 5 to 6'2''.

30 hexagons pack is made for shortboards without a tailpad, up to 6' tall, or wider and chubby surfboards.

If you're not sure how many hexagons your board will need, click here for our grip builder tool.

The lighter, thinner & softer version of our surf grip for surfboards.

An alternative to surf wax, transparent traction pads that are easy to install, require almost no maintenance and will last for up to 2 years on your surfboard. A next-generation surf grip that doesn’t melt or stain.

Van Der Waal grip allows you to stay on your board without wax. A cleaner, greener and long lasting alternative to surf wax.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Arnaud p.
Better Surf Grip

This is my fourth surf grip. I bought the first one in 2019 and it is still on my first board. I just bought a fourth board and I'm so happy that I bought these grips again. They are easy to install with the template and it sticks for a long time. They are transparent and you can see the board. They are perfect for surfing, no worries we are well glued to the board during the sessions. No sac on clothes or in the car. I recommend them

Keep on going !!

I love the ideia and the way how it looks !Im in love with it. Love the fact that the board stay clean ! But I’m still not sure if the grip will work on every occasion. Still think Wax does a better job and sometimes I even add a little bit to the pads to make it perfect( for me). I would suggest to keep on working on the grip or maybe find something to add on to the pads to give it this extra grip. I am going to carry on using mine and maybe I will get used to it with time.. I recommend everyone to try 🤙🏻

Jasper H.

Bought it for my Dads birthday and he loved it works great!!!

Brian K.
love it

bought some a couple years ago, wore them out so I got more. So much better than wax as it does. not melt in your car or in your board bag

Alexandre C.
Great product but…

Great product to avoid wax! It works perfect with water at 18oC or above and relaxed water. On cold water like 14-15oC with some turbulence it is not sticky and I would like.