What we stand for

Van der Waal stands behind the quality of everything we do and we try to improve every single aspect of our product through our customer's feedback and our own experience.

_ a product that is as effective as the wax, at a fair price (how we calculated Van der Waal’s price: cost of 1 year of wax + 1 or 2 beers for us)

_ a product that does not melt or turns sticky, and that is cleaner to the board and to the surfer than wax

_ the environment. By having a less intensive use and by not decomposing in the sea, it’s more environmentally friendly than wax. In addition, our material is recyclable

_ partnerships. We don’t believe in give-aways or exchanging product for articles, positive reviews or whatever. We gave van der waal samples to those who believed in us and our idea, but distrust the effectiveness of our product. We do not want a ‘bought’ wsl pro, we want those who believe in us to help us build a better and more effective product through constructive, real and objective feedback

_ the common surfer. Van der waal is not intended for professionals or for surfers who change boards every 3 months. It is intended for the surfer who changes surfboard at most once a year and who cares about the environment. Our product is for those who only want to have fun catching some waves

_ fair play. All those who make their own wax, or who disclose how to do (or sell) it in a more sustainable way, are our friends and not our competitors. Go for it!

_ a company that is not profit oriented, but oriented for the satisfaction of both its customers and its employees (for now, just the co-founders martim and afonso, with the help of joana)

_ our community. Those who buy van der waal are part of a community that believes in us. And that wants to surf with a smile on their faces

_phill edwards, when he says: ‘the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun’