Wax cost calculator

It's really surf wax the cheapest way to get surf grip for your surfboard? With our calculator discover how much you spend on surf wax, per year. You will also get the amount of surf wax that will melt into the ocean.
1 What kind of surfboard do you have
2 On average, how many times you surf p/ week?
Less than 1 session per week
2 or 3 times a week
More than 4 times a week
3 On average, how much do you pay per wax bar?
You are spending, per year, more or less:


And that means +/- 2 kilograms of paraffin, per year, melted into your ocean.

fish surfboard tail pad


Ready to go waxless?

A board without wax means a board that is not melting oil to the ocean. So your board will not only be the coolest one, it will also be the greener one