We are really happy and proud to have another tester in our team: Bruno Degert. As you may know, we don’t sponsor athletes in order to have more profit or exposition, Martim made clear since day one that he doesn’t believe in give-aways or exchanging product for articles, positive reviews or whatever is around sponsorship. Instead of that, we try to work with surfers as shappers do: listening to their feedback, making some adjustments and always trying to improve our surf grip in order to evolve and develop the best alternative to surf wax possible.

Since day one that we had 2 testers: Diogo Mota from Enjoy Surf Project and Rodrigo Campos from PKSC in Peniche. The deal is simple: Van der Waal provide them grip for their boards, they provide us photos, and most of all: feedback. Rodrigo was the first to advise us about the grit at Van der Waal 2.0 version, which could scratch surfers’ feet in colder waters, which led us to our latest version: Performance Series.

Now, we are really proud to have Bruno on our team of testers. Rodrigo and Bruno are amazing surfers that could provide a lot more accurate info on how we can improve our grip than Martim. And it’s amazing how committed both are to test Van der Waal surf grip properties beyond limits.

From our side, we can only ask to maintain this kind of partnership and testers, as nothing makes us prouder than having someone having fun with Van der Waal under his feet.

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