Saturday, 19 will be International Surfing Day.

As explained in Wikipedia: “International Surfing Day, held annually on the third Saturday of June, is an unofficial, environmentally conscious sports-centered holiday that celebrates the sport of surfing, surfing lifestyle, and the sustainability of ocean resources.”

Like last year, I like to celebrate it with a short video. And this year I’m especially proud of our video. Not only because I really believe in everything it says and represents, but also because was the first time we did a surf video without a single stock video footage and where all surfers (except one) are ridding with Van der Waal under his feet.

Over time, and with our concept of a wax alternative more established, I started to think that selling a surf grip that didn’t melt or stain, was just part of our mission, and what should really drive us was that moment where you connect with your surfboard and with your ocean, in the search of a perfect line. We are always proud to be part of that moment, that magical moment where everything connects. This simple video is just a celebration of that moment. Hope you like it!

Also, I gather the chance to rewrite our ethos, which you can read here and it was the main subject for the video.

Wiki continues: “Contests and prizes are also part of the celebration, with surfing-related industries donating prizes such as surfboards and wetsuits.” Well, we cannot offer surfboards or wetsuits, but to celebrate this day we have decided to create nineteen discounts code of 19% - if there is some left, just use 19062021 at the checkout.


Finally, our thanks. ‘Cause this video would not be possible without the good hearted souls around us:

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