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Stories around surf and the ones who live and breathe the salty air, as we explore the essence of surf culture and the heartbeat of the surf industry. A personal vision, where we share our love for the surf life and unveil the latest trends and innovations shaping the surf industry. If you're in the mood, grab your board and paddle out with us.

A simple idea to minimize surf impact in oceans

Well, we all know that surf has a huge impact on oceans, which is a kind of contradiction as we love the ocean and waves. But surf it’s far away...

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Customize Your Surf Grip Pads With Our New Tool

One of the advantages of a modular traction pad as Van der Waal, is the capability to adjust to any surfboard layout, size, and surfing style (ie beginner, novice, experienced...

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The unpredictability of surf and a leap of faith

As a sport, surf is probably one of the most fickle ones. It depends on so many factors and scenarios that predicting what gear will work or not (and how...

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10 funny facts about surf

SURFING WAS NOT INVENTED IN HAWAII BUT IN PERU. Accordingly to Wikipedia, "the riding of waves has likely existed since humans began swimming in the ocean. In this sense, bodysurfing...

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An alternative to surf wax

VAN DER WAAL IS A GRIP SOLUTION INTRODUCED IN 2016 AS AN ALTERNATIVE TO SURF WAX.To start, let’s consider that a surf wax bar costs, on average, 3€. Our product,...

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