I never imagined, when I challenged my friend Afonso to create with me an alternative to wax, that our little project would grow consistently for six years. Develop a surf grip that was clear and that could provide the correct amount of traction wasn't as complicated as it seemed at first glance. But enter in surf industry and become a recognized surf brand, was way more complicated than what I’ve assumed at the beginning.

‘No pain no gain’ they say, and in this amazing journey to create a surf grip different from all front pad grips you have in the market, I cannot agree more with that. Despite all the pains of running a business, the amount of joy, surprises and the proud feeling of surpassing most of all distress we faced, makes me always feel that I’ve gained a lot.

We are not yet a major brand in surf, and not sure if we want to be. ‘Cause I like this feeling of being surprised almost every day, with little things that I would not be aware of if instead was managing a huge business. And if you don’t believe in me, just check the number of surprises we had in the last 6 years:

With less than 1 year of activity, we presented our product at WSL QS10000 Billabong Pro Cascais, and 6 months later we gave samples to all CT surfers! Yes, Kelly Slater, Parko, Mick Fanning, and Medina included.

We found that former CT surfer and Big Wave charger Cheyne Horan was surfing with Van der Waal. Also, the guys from SurfBunker decided that we were one of the best 2017 surf products. (Top Three Reviewed Products for 2017)

We were featured at Surf Europe Mag – The Hottest Surf Products of 2018

We received an email regarding that we have been a selected brand for ISPO Brand new 2020. After all the pains in 2018, this was a Karma touch for us to go on.

When all this pandemic mess started the first thing I thought was: ‘I’m so f++ked up…’ but the truth is that customers and partners supported us more than ever. Rodrigo Campos send us amazing videos of him surfing with Van der Waal, the sales went higher, and with more time on hands, we developed a new product - SmartSticker.

To be honest, 2021 didn’t bring a lot of surprises. Was a weird year as the sales were up and down for no visible reason. But again, we had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

and now… 2022.
Six years after we created an alternative to surf wax, we are really thrilled and expecting this year. It couldn’t start in a better way, with some new partners and testers. We will start soon to test new products and ‘cause it’s time to give back, I’ve joined as a volunteer at Surf Addict a Portuguese Surf Therapy Association.

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