Thoughts on Surfing

Stories around surf and the ones who live and breathe the salty air, as we explore the essence of surf culture and the heartbeat of the surf industry. A personal vision, where we share our love for the surf life and unveil the latest trends and innovations shaping the surf industry. If you're in the mood, grab your board and paddle out with us.

Testing Van der Waal grip levels

Why? To be honest, pure curiosity. We know that surf is a very volatile sport. Surfing depends on so many factors - like ocean conditions, surfer form and experience, weather,...

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How to remove surf wax from a surfboard

A lot of customers ask me what is the best way to remove surf wax from their boards before applying our surf traction pads. So, here is a simple step...

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Surfboard traction pad vs wax

It’s a simple question: wax or deck pad? To put it simply, surfboard wax gives you traction from falling off. Also, at first sight, it looks kind of cheap and...

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Sustainable surf gear: riding the wave of environmental responsibility

Surfing and environmentalism are intertwined by a shared love for the ocean. As the detrimental impacts of climate change become increasingly evident, the surf industry has embarked or will have...

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How to apply surf traction pad from Van der Waal

Van der Waal surf grips are extremely easy to apply. Unlike common front deck pads that just cover a part of your surfboard, our hexagonal surf traction pads allow you...

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Surviving summer with hexagonal surf grips

Well, summer is here and with summer comes hot weather and we all know what happens to wax when you leave your surfboard at car and go for a beer...

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I’m the luckiest guy in the world

Since day one that we are driven by this joyful feeling of experimenting. No matter if you succeed or not, the joy of fail and error and surpass that is...

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The best alternatives to surf wax

Surfing is a thrilling water sport enjoyed by many people globally. However, surfing can be quite challenging if you do not have a good grip on the board so one...

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